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“Nourishes and Softens from Head to Toe”

Delicate skin is beautiful, but it is prone to irritations. Sometimes even water stings. Daddy Doc Mike and Mama Carol’s children have skin that easily dries out and get itchy rashes. They noticed they often scratch after baths and showers.

When they were expecting their 3rd child, they wanted to start right. They developed a cleansing bar that is gentle yet moisturizing for hair, scalp, and body.

They insisted on renewable, nourishing plant oils. Handpicked Coconut, Olives, Shea Butter, and Grapeseed oils because these are healthy for both humans and our Mother Earth. No Fragrance, No Color were added. They even took out water, to lessen carbon footprints and Plastic bottles in landfills. But they want it as convenient as liquid shampoos that lather fast & rinses well.

Sounds impossible? Sounds like

Like all skin care, try on a small area of your skin first and test for sensitivities. We try to source the gentlest ingredients, but every skin is different.

Bebebalm moisturizers and bath care promote healthy skin and hair. They do not contain medicine, they cannot replace medical treatment.

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