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Plant Power: ByeSpots (ScarRescue)

“This feels like a miracle on my face!

How did you come up with it?”

Many love ByeSpots as their face and skin moisturizer. They love how it helps their skin feel smoother, more supple, and helps skin tone look more even & radiant.

The story of ByeSpots began as a personal quest of a scar former. Mama Carol’s skin scars so easily, she jokes that she should be called “Scarol” instead. She’d get scars and spots from cuts, burns, and insect bites. This led to her fascination for different traditional remedies that promote skin regeneration. But what sparked her to create her blend? Two things. She had an emergency Caesarian Section surgery that left a long, ugly raised scar. Second, her adventurous toddler kept getting bumps and bruises.

She infused herbs, blended plant oils from the East and West. She chose precious, antioxidants-rich plant oils believed to help skin look radiant and renewed. Her dream was to help blur the appearance of imperfections.

She gave spare jars to friends in need. They sent back raving reviews, one grateful fan even sent a hongbao (red packet) together with before and after photos of his wife’s blemishes. Fans of ByeSpots can’t get enough of it. They revealed their face, eye area, & skin look and feel gorgeous. ByeSpots is their new beauty secret!

Since ByeSpots was originally created as her own dream moisturizer, Mama Carol focused on the benefits, no matter the cost. The precious plants were sourced from different parts of the world. She finds Helichrysum (Immortelle) so wondrous and rare, she named her baby girl after this flower!

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