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Baby Massage: Gassy? Fussy? Constipated? Strengthen?

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Is your baby feeling gassy? Fussy? Too hyper to sleep? Constipated? Or do you wish to strengthen her motor skills and body? There's a massage for that! Mom friends from from different cultures have shared with me what worked for their children. I compiled what I found most useful for my kids. I hope it will help you too! I use Bebebalm Nourishing Balm when I massage. It is a long-lasting protective balm that's also nourishing for skin health. My doctor husband and I originally made it for our baby's eczema-prone skin, it's gentle for sensitive skin.

To use: Scoop out a dollop of Bebebalm from the jar, rub between your palm to soften, and spread out on the skin. It is fast absorbing and non-greasy. It has no water, so a little spreads a long way. If it feels oily, it means you've applied too much, simply spread it out some more. If you're using the tube, just dab it directly on the skin. Bebebalm is great on its own. If you wish, you can add age-appropriate essential oils. Such as lavender, roman chamomile, tangerine (No mints please!) One (1 )drop diluted on a palmful of Bebebalm is enough. More is not necessarily better, because essential oil is very concentrated.

Bebebalm ByeDry is made from certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. Enriched with more Monolauriin, a wonder nutrient to promote healthy skin. Bebesleep Calming Night Oil is a bouquet of Valerian Root, Ylang ylang, Cedarwood, and Lavender essential oils. It is wonderful paired with acupressure massage to promote wellness and calm.Massage 1-2 pumps for small bodies. 3-8 pumps for grown ups. Do share your baby massage techniques on our comment section too!

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Learn more about Bebebalm ByeDry and Bebesleep . And the many uses people discover in their reviews.

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