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Plant Power in Bebesleep calming night oil

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

“It’s as if sleep divorced me.”

We are juggling so many roles everyday- a mother, wife, daughter, friend, boss. We have careers, manage people, run businesses, run the household, deal with the school. We may sacrifice sleep, to have some time for ourselves is when everyone else is bed.

But what happens when we lack quality sleep? Mama Carol learned the hard way. She is used to late nights. But it reached to a point when her job became to stressful, she could not fall asleep no matter what. She felt her mental health & physical health getting affected.

She quit her career, and focused on finding her way back to sleep. She asked for sleep advice from doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Western Medicine, chiropractors, masseuse, physical therapist, and Philippine traditional hilot (acupressure). Her doctor husband Doc Mike explained the science of sleep, and what we can do to help our mind & bodies achieve quality rest, without resorting to medicine.

They blended a bouquet of calming plant oils, combined with massage on acupressure points, encourage the feeling of quality rest.

This was the journey to Bebesleep.

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