School Drama

My first born just started primary 1 in a new school. I expected some drama but not this soon, on Day 3. Primary school is big adjustment not just for the kid, but for the whole household. It starts early, it ends at different times in the afternoon. And there's no school bus, someone just assumed that at least one parent is not working or there's a grandparent to fetch. It was probably a bigger deal for me, Being a mom + being a start up entrepreneur means daytime is for work errands and mom stuff, while the work that needs thinking and creativity can only happen when everyone has gone to sleep. Waking so early each school morning means I've gotten only 4 to 5 hours of sleep each night. (I'm trying to adjust my sleep pattern, but ant steps.)

This morning, my 6 year old had a tantrum before going to school. He was screaming at me, insisting his new art teacher told them yesterday to bring all art materials today. He doesn't believe me that his homeroom teacher messaged me not to bring them yet until she's confirmed what's really needed.

I get it. A teacher's word is law. Last night, he showed me a picture in a book with all the art materials, saying he needs to bring everything today. Some seemed redundant : crayons, colored pencil, colored markers. I told him I'll check with his teacher first. This morning, he reminded me. I relayed what his teacher said.

My little angel went to full-Hulk mode. He screamed at me, stomped his feet, and insisted he is right. "I did not give birth to you so you can scream at me," I told him. He kept going. So, he lost the privilege of having mom bring him to school. The nanny brought him to school. He was clutching my feet and dragged along as I walked to the elevator with the younger one. I wasn't trying to pit them against each other; they go to different schools, if the nanny accompanies one, I have to accompany the other.

Afterwards, I pondered, "Should I have just gathered all the art materials which we have anyway, and saved the trouble?" I realized no. He needs to learn that he must treat his mother with respect. And he cannot get his way by throwing a tantrum.

It didn't matter that he was late for school. It didn't matter that his teacher kept calling me asking where he is (I explained the drama). I was secretly fearing what if they did need the art materials today, but I'd rather he get a 0 in art. By standing my ground, he hopefully learned two more valuable life lessons.

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