Within minutes, my boy's itchy heat rash calmed down. It's a relief for both of us.

My son had some eczema as a baby and is prone to heat rashes. Last summer it was really bad, all over his body, for about 1.5 weeks and the only thing that was able to finally get rid of it was some potent cream from the dermatologist. This year he has had minor rashes and since using Bebebugs, they’ve never flared up. After a couple of applications, within minutes, the itchiness calms down. It’s a relief for the both

of us I definitely recommend trying it out for your little one. natural is best!

Mel Lin, Illustrator

Shanghai, China

翻译:我的儿子小时候有湿疹和很容易发热皮疹。去年夏天他全身1.5周都一直发痒,唯一能止痒的是皮肤医生开的一些有力的类固醇。 今年,他有轻微的皮疹,使用Bebebugs贝贝保护肤品后 ,在几分钟之内就止痒了。从来再也没爆发过。为我们俩是一种解脱:) 我绝对推荐小孩试用它。天然的才是最好的!Mel,画家

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