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Bebebugs works perfectly in Stockholm with a lot of unknown insects. Bebebalm is definitely soothin

“The Bebebugs balm is an awesome insect repellent, with all natural ingredients that don’t do any harm to your skin and it works perfectly well even in the summer house in Stockholm with a lot of unknown insects…! and the coconut balm (Bebebalm) is definitely soothing the eczema on my arms!”

-Daphne Pang, cancer survivor

Hongkong China

翻译:该Bebebugs倍蓓保护肤品是一个很棒的驱虫剂,含有天然成分,不会伤害皮肤。即使对​​斯德哥尔摩别墅的很多不知名的昆虫也有效!Bebebalm 倍蓓棒护肤品也治好我手臂的湿疹!

– Daphne Pang,癌症幸存者

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