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It was such a lovely sunny day, I was working in our office garden when I accidentally spilled water on the wooden garden table. The wood was so parched dry that it drank the water in less than 5 minutes, without a trace of water left. The extremely dry wood reminded me of my baby's cheeks during active eczema flares. His thirstly skin would drink up moisturizers so quickly. His cheeks would be dry and rough again before I finish applying cream on the other cheek! I had a lightbulb moment! Why don't I do an experiement to see which of the moisturizers would moisturize the wood better?

Colleagues and friends brought their baby moisturizers. From left to right: Cetaphil Cream (CC), Bebebalm, California Baby Calming cream (CB), Bebebugs, Grandma Minnie Balm (GM), Johnson's Baby Soothing Naturals Lotion (JB). To be honest, I was just curious how each brand would fare.

The Goals:

1. Find one which moisturizer is the most long lasting

2. Find which has the largest coverage area, for the same amount of product used.

The Method:

I took equal amounts of each moisturizer (half a qtip) and applied them evenly on the wood. I spread them outward to make the heart as big as it could. I took photos right after. Then again after 30 minutes, and 90 minutes. This isn't the most scientific of tests, it's just to satiate my curiosity.

The Experiment.

This is the base shot taken right after the application. The first thing I noticed was how some covered a wider area. On this front, Bebebalm has the widest coverage, followed by Bebebugs then Grandma Minnie. They also produced the deepest moisturization, the wood felt smoother and silkier. Cetaphil cream and California Baby gave medium moisturization (as you can see from the lighter color); the wood felt a bit smoother. Johnson's Baby lotion had the smallest coverage and the least moisturizing powers as well.

30 minutes later. Everything except Johnson's haven't faded much. But you can feel the difference when you run your fingers on the surface. In CC and CB, the wood felt very dry and rough as if no emollient has been applied. JB is almost invisible. Bebebalm, Bebebugs and GM still looks very moisturized and the wood still feels silky.

90 minutes later.

Bebebalm, Bebebugs and GM still look moisturized but the wood felt less silki. CC has unevenly faded, CB has faded a little. Both felt dry and rough, as if no emollient was applied. JB is invisible unless you look really close.

The verdict.

Best in Coverage area

1st Bebebalm

2nd Bebebugs

3rd Grandma Minnie

4th Cetaphil Cream

5th California Baby Cream

6th Johnson's Baby Soothing Naturals Lotion

Longest Lasting Moisturization (based on a 90 minute test)

1st Bebebalm, Grandma Minnie

3rd Bebebugs

4th California Baby

5th Cetaphil Cream

6th Johnson's Baby Soothing Naturals Lotion

We're planning to redo this test on real skin this winter. What moisturizer you wish to include in the test?

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