Did you know? Bebebugs works on itchy food allergy. It was a lifesaver.


Did you know? Bebebugs works on itchy food allergy. It was a lifesaver during our Europe trip last Christmas.

My friend had an allergic reaction from prawns, red itchy rashes puffed all over her face and hands. She can’t stop scratching. Good thing I always carry a Bebebugs stick in my bag, for insect bites and as an emergency moisturizer. We didn’t know if it will work on food allergy but she tried it anyway. Wow within an hour her skin is back to normal!

Her 11 year old son also had an eczema flare up all over his neck and chest, in the dead of winter in Portugal. I gave them my Bebebalm jar, and his eczema calmed down quickly! She was so impressed she insisted on buying my used jar haha.

-Krystie Koh, Broadcast Producer

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