Her Baby Fat Rash healed in 3 days.

Shanghai, China

宝宝因为太胖,脖子里捂着不透气,除了很严重的湿疹. 两侧耳朵周围皮肤严重干燥,有蜕皮.用了很多产品,效果不理想,很慢.宝宝晚上睡觉会用手抓,还是很痒.自从用了Bebebalm 倍蓓棒护肤品,皮肤干燥明显改善.脖子用Bebebugs 倍蓓保护肤品很止痒用了三天就好了.推荐!

-钱颖 Joyce Qian

Translation: Because of too much baby fat, the folds on my baby’s neck had severe eczema. Both her ears also had severely dry, flaking skin. I’ve used a lot of products but they’re not so effective, very slow results, her skin was still itchy and she kept scratching in her sleep. When I used Bebebalm, her dry skin visibly improved. Bebebugs also stopped the itching on her neck. Her skin healed in 3 days. Highly recommended!

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