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I watched World War Z just recently (two babies = major movie backlog). Scary to say, there's really something nowadays that turns healthy adults into zombies.... their baby's Diaper Rash!

A nasty diaper rash makes a poor baby cary all day and night. And turns us sleepless moms and dads into the walking dead. If you've tried so many creams but nothing seems to work, don't lose hope (nor your sanity) just yet. Why not give Bebebalm a try?

Dab (do not rub) a thick amount of Bebebalm on the cleansed affected area after every diaper change. See visible results in a few hours to a day. Bye diaper rash. Hello sleep!

How it works. Bebebalm soothes diaper rash in 2 ways: Outside, it protects skin with a long lasting barrier by restoring the gaps in skin lipids. Inside, Bebebalm helps repair skin faster by nourishing it with natural skin nutrients and antioxidants. Bebebalm is boosted with Lauric Acid, a wonder nutrient that has natural antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral properties. (This plant-derived nutrient is also naturally abundant in breastmilk, so it's safe for babies.)

10 more diaper rash treatment and prevention tips after the jump:

1. Cleanse with water vs Baby wipes

Cleanse baby's irritated bum thoroughly using cotton or soft tissue sprayed with clean water. Or mild baby soap. Make sure to cleanse the folds and creases. Be extra gentle when wiping, because raw skin is very sensitive, even water may sting. (Baby wipes may contain ingredients that may further irritate raw skin).

2. Do not rub

Raw skin is so sensitive, even water may sting. Do NOT rub nor wipe, the minor friction might still be painful. Pat gently when wiping off moisture. Dab a thick layer of Bebebalm, in such a way that your finger never touches the area, so there's no friction.

3. Air Dry

Rash hearts moisture. So go commando for some time to air out that butt.

4. Switch diaper brands or to cloth diapers

It's possible that your baby is not comfy with a certain diaper brand's cut, shape, or materials. Switch brands of disposables or switch to cloth diapers. If you're on cloth diapers, the rash may be caused by constant contact with wetness. Try switching to disposables for a while.

5. Disinfect cloth diaper with Vinegar

Add half a cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle. It disinfects and softens fabric. You won't have vinegar-smelling diapers. On the contrary, vinegar "breaks down" smells and give you fresh-smelling fabric.

6. Hypoallergenic laundry soap

If your baby is sensitive to regular detergent, try using hypoallergenic soap or castille soap to wash your cloth diapers. To test if he's sensitive, wash one batch of his clothes in regular detergent. If there's no reaction when he wears them, then he's fine with the Tides of this world.

7. Find the culprit

There are many causes for a diaper rash. Most commonly it's caused by wetness or diarrhea. Stalker-class rash that never leave your side may be caused by yeast (ie you've taken antibiotics then breastfed) or a fungal infection which may need medicine. It may be caused by skin contact to allergens or sensitivities such as a too tight diaper; or by other causes.

8. Change diapers often

On newborns, it can be as often as every 2 hours. And change immediately after a poop. Diaper rash love a poop party.

9. Spray with water

Even wet wipes with no alcohol may "burn". Spray with clean water using a bottle spray (get a new one, not recycled ones from household cleaners) or a bulb sprayer. Avoid fragrance and alcohol.

10. Prevent it from coming back

Help keep

new diaper rash from forming by protecting baby's bum with a layer of Bebebalm after every diaper change.

*Bebebalm does not contain any medicine. If there are signs of infection or if symptoms persists, seek medical attention.


Overnight, her diaper rash pus dried... Johnny's diaper rash didn't come back.. It works. And works fast!... My diaper rash hero...

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