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Lessening Dependence on Steroids

Medicine and Steroids are common treatment for eczema and rash. They are usually prescribed for short-term treatment. It is not advisable for long term or constant use. Steroids thin out skin and could leave skin drier, more raw and more sensitive. The next flare could get angrier, redder, or attack more often.

Q: When using steroids, skin clears up quickly but it usually feels very dry by end of day. Why?

A: Medicine such as steroids only treat symptoms. It does not restore the skin lipids in the damaged skin barrier nor nourish with skin nutrients.

To properly manage eczema and rash-prone skin, you need to nourish skin back to health. Bebebalm gives long lasting protection on the outside skin barrier by restoring natural skin lipids. Then it intensively nourish your skin with much-needed nutrients and antioxidants, to help skin get heathier. Because healthy skin heals itself better.

When used early enough in eczema, or when used as a daily moisturizer, Bebebalm helps prevent flares, or keep flares from getting worse. The best thing is, skin visibly gets softer and feel healthier.

During severe flares, seek medical treatment. Bebebalm is generally safe to be used as a skin maintenance moisturizer to complement topical medicine. Bebebalm does not contain medicine nor added fragrance, so it can be slathered as many times in the day as you wish. It keeps skin intensively moisturized and protected.

*Like most skin products, don't use it on infected skin lesions.

This article is for educational purposes only. It does not replace medical treatment.

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