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Secrets to Diaper Care

Prevent and Soothe diaper rash naturally

Dear parents,

I am a butt. I may act sensitive at times, but you would too if you have to put up with crap as often as I do. The butt and crotch have the most delicate skin, yet we endure the most abuse since birth. No wonder we get irritated and get rash.

Preventing and soothing diaper rash is quite easy, let me share these simple secrets.

Change me often

A wet butt is an unhappy butt. During every diaper change, remember to stretch out my skin folds and wipe those parts clean and dry. Using a soft paper towel dampened with clean water is good. If you're using wet wipes, opt for the non-fragranced ones. There are biodegradable versions too.

Air dry once in a while.

Bums feel icky with trapped moisture from sweat, pee, or poo. When I got a rash, constant exposure to these irritants delays healing. Not to mention, raw rash feels super sensitive with anything it touches, even water stings! When I've got diaper rash, let my bum go naked once in a while.

Nourish & Protect after every diaper change

If there's one magic trick on diaper rash, this is it. After thoroughly cleaning, dab (don't rub) Bebebalm ByeDry on the bum and skin folds. This instantly soothes and protects existing rash. It also deeply nourishes skin to be stronger and healthier, to help prevent or lessen future irritations.

You see, all that excess moisture, wiping and cleaning leave gaps on the skin's natural lipid barrier. Bebebalm ByeDry is wonderful in helping to restore skin's natural protective barrier. It's made from Organic Virgin Coconut oil. Enriched with Monolaurin, a plant-based wonder nutrient for skin health (this nutrient is also abundant in breastmilk, so it's safe.) Bebebalm does not contain zinc oxide nor lanolin, which is happy news to very sensitive bums like me.

Try on different diapers

Don't stock up too much on diapers until you know which one your baby's bum likes. Expensive doesn't necessarily mean it's the best for your baby. Bums like me may be sensitive to a material, or a certain cut may make me uncomfortable. If you see me often sweaty, try the more cooling traditional cloth diapers. Check the detergent too, less to no fragrance is better.

Watch baby's diet

Introduce one food at a time, every 4 days, This will make it easier to determine what food may have caused the rash.

Watch mom's diet

Watch what you eat and drink, if you're breastfeeding. For example, if you want to check if your baby is allergic to cow's milk, then you too must find milk alternatives for yourself. What goes in you flows to your bebe.

Sensitive butts want no fragrance cleansers.

A good cleanser must not only cleanse thoroughly, it must nourish skin to keep it strong and hydrated. And please do away with fragranced soaps and shampoos.

In skincare and cosmetics, fragrance does not mean a "scent". On the label, fragrance is an artificially-made ingredient composed of possibly hundreds of components; some may be cause rashes.

Try Bebebalm Clarifying Shampoo bar, a multi-use cleanser for scalp, hair, and skin. It has no fragrance added, no dyes added. It's made of coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, and grapeseed oil... plant ingredients revered for helping skin, scalp, and hair stay strong & hydrated.

Thanks for taking time to hear me out. Love you for taking care of me.


Your baby's bum


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