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Cradle cap

Updated: May 10, 2023

Cradle cap irritates moms more than it does kids, I think. It looks like baby dandruff which just bugs me to bits. Once day, I thought, if Bebebalm and Bebebugs are great for eczema and extremely dry skin, it may work on cradle cap. So I tried. To my surprise, they worked better than I expected.

Both Bebebalm and Bebebugs work on cradle cap. As a bonus, they also make hair super soft and strong. It's a matter of preference. If your baby's got a lot of hair, I'd suggest using Bebebugs because it's lightweight. If the scalp is extremely dry or flaky, the Bebebalm may work faster. You can use Bebebalm on newborns, while Bebebugs is better used on babies 3 months and up.

My baby had very short hair and extremely thick cradle cap, so I used Bebebalm on him. I scooped out a generous amount of Bebebalm, softened it in my palms, and rubbed gently and generously on his scalp. I made sure the super nourishing moisturizer is on his scalp, not just on his hair. (Be extra gentle when rubbing, baby's head is soft).

I left it on his scalp for around 15 minutes. Then brushed it off with a soft baby brush. Oh my, cradle cap slides off like egg on new teflon pans! There were a few stubborn ones left so I repeated the process. Then I loosened the stubborn flakes by running my fingers very gently on his scalp and hair. (If cradle cap is very stubborn, repeat the next day.) Shampoo. Get super soft, shiny hair and a clear scalp!

And that's the end of his cradle cap.

Got more tips on managing cradle cap?

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